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Electronic payment systems

Electronic payment systems are still less popular than Bank cardsbingocvvshop. However, their development has a very significant potential.

When making payments on the Internet, shopping through websites, or making private transfers, payment systems that are not linked by banks are ccshoplistno less convenient, and often more flexible and profitable than Bank cards.

Payment systems

Payment system – a set of rules and proceduresgoodshopcvv that make it possible to transfer money or money substitutes, in electronic or physical form.

All types of payment systems can be divided into:

systems involving cash;

non-cash payment systems, including money transfer systems;

bank card;

electronic payment system.

Visa and MasterCard cards have an international standard and are accepted in more than 200 countries. Visa accounts for about a quarter of all paymentcvv2store cards issued in the world. For MasterCard, the same figure was about 20%.