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The card is not simple, but gold

Now let’s look at the options when additional income is generated by a credit card. Customers can choose from cards shopping cc with cashback for purchases (1-2% of all payments and 5-10% in certain categories) and credit cards with points that can be spent on air and train tickets, as well as on purchases in certain stores.

Let’s assume that a card is issued with a cashback accrual of 1% of daily purchases, for which 50% of the salary is spent. Then private cc shop even with a salary of 15,000 rubles, you will get 900 rubles back for the year. If you earn 100,000 rubles a month, the additional income will reach 6,000 rubles.

Credit card revenue generation scheme

A credit card is a tool for daily spending. For example, to buy food, clothing, equipment, fuel for the car, various tickets paypal cc dumps shop, and other things that can be paid by card.

To earn income, you will need to additionally issue a debit card with the option of accruing interest on the balance or Deposit with the possibility of depositing or partially withdrawing funds without losing interest no cvv stores. The yield of good debit cards is 8-10% per annum. You can earn 10-12, 75% per annum on deposits.

Error buying what you don’t need

Have you ever wondered why banks offer cards for free, give a huge grace period of 50-60 or even 100 days, return part of purchasesdarknetccshop (cashback), give discounts in stores, give preferential «miles» for travel?

It’s very simple. Banks know for sure, from the history of millions and billions of cards, that you will spend more than you need and end up more in debt. Banks will still get what they need from you.

Try not to make this unpleasant mistake when using a cheapcvvdumpscredit card

To let the card out of sight

Not in a restaurant, not in a store, not anywhere elsevbvccshop. Especially abroad. The map and the person holding it should always be in your field of vision. It is enough for an attacker to take a photo of your card from both sides on a mobile phone so that they can make (even very large) purchases.

In a cafe or restaurant, I always ask you to bring the card payment terminal to the table. If, for some reason, it is impossible to do this, then I go to the terminal myself validshopru(to the checkout). Always.

Withdraw cash from a credit card

The Bank charges a fine plus interest. After withdrawing 1000 rubles from a credit cardcvvpurchase, you can pay the Bank from 100 to 300 rubles, not counting the interest that the Bank will charge for this amount at the space rates of 25-30 percent or more.

By the way, when withdrawing cash from a credit card, there is no interest-free grace period.

This item refers to errors when using shopdumps101credit cards in everyday life. Pay attention and use carefully

It is convenient to use credit cards

Using credit cards is very convenient. And even, as many mistakenly believe, it is prestigioushighbalancedumps if you have a gold or premium card.

But, some mistakes can cost a lot of money, sometimes unnoticed by us. Remembergoswipecvv that banks, on credit cards, earn not on interest, but on the ignorance and stupidity of people. The credit card is a pretty dangerous money parasite: it is at our fingertips and damn convenient.

What electronic payment systems exist?

WebMoney (WEBMONEY). A system of Russian origin that has electronic analogues of the Russian and Belarusian rubles, Ukrainian hryvnia, kazastantengebuyfreshcvv, US dollar, Euro, gold, bitcoin and litecoin.

Yandex.Money. One of the Yandex services. The system is based on the Russian ruble, but it is possible to exchange currency.

PayPal (PayPal). International multi-currency payment system operating in more than 200 countries. In Belarus and some other countries, PayPal is more convenient shoponlinenocvvrequiredfor payments, but not for cash withdrawals.

Visa Classic credit card

Visa Classic is a payment card with a standard set of featuresmrwhitecvv. You can use it to pay for purchases in shopping centers and stores in more than 200 countries, book goods and services online, and insure funds placed on your account.
It has additional features compared to Visa Electron: booking hotel rooms, car rental in any country. You can open an account in Belarusian rubles, US dollars, euros, and Russian rubles. The chip guarantees increased security.
It belongs to the American multinational paymententershopcc system Visa Inc. In the early 2000s, 57% of Bank cards in the world were issued by Visa. Today, there are more than 2 billion Visa cards on the planet.

Advantages and disadvantages of credit cards part 3

The security of credit card payments is higher than with a cash loan. Money is transferred from the Bank to the recipient’scheapcvv account, i.e. it is impossible to steal it from the cardholder.
Cases of hacker attacks and theft of funds from accounts are known. But the theft will occur at the Bank, and credit card holders will only be affected if they are provennocvvshopping guilty of disclosing information.

Advantages and disadvantages of credit cards part 2

When calculating by credit card, the recipient’sccfullzshop account is debited exactly the amount that is needed. There is no need to give change, the payer does not have any extra money on hand.

This means that interest on the loan will only be charged on the payment amount. It is difficult to imagine a borrower who would take in the Bank exactly how much you need for the next purchase, so as not to pay extra interest. This is only possible with targeted loansshopnocvv, but getting them is a long and cumbersome procedure.